Sea Siren Sleeper Hoop - Stainless Steel

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Sea Shepherd x Jasmine Alexander


Mermaids remind us of the sailors of old that brought home stories of beckoning ‘Sea Sirens’. Hypnotic lullabies calling brave souls across the treacherous seas. It reminds us of the activists out there right now, on the high seas, their crusading free spirits and very lives on the line as they battle to save our oceans and the sentient souls therein.

This refined and incredibly delicate mermaid is entirely 3D from the waist up. The beautifully edgy spike has an internal thread, which reaches perfectly over the mermaids delicate and perfectly formed head, giving the impression of a tail… the piece is worn with the spiked tail at the front of the ear, this gives the illusion of the mermaid swimming through the lobe. Every aspect of her has been meticulously carved and crafted


  • Sold individually. Purchase two for a pair
  • Spike length: 16 mm
  • Stainless Steel (surgical 316L)
  • Non-refundable


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