Unisex Summer Bundle
Unisex Summer Bundle
Unisex Summer Bundle
Unisex Summer Bundle
Unisex Summer Bundle

Unisex Summer Bundle

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The special dyeing process and handmade treatments applied to this garment produce its unique look. Characteristic streaks and different color shadings as well as irregularities in the fabric are particularities of the garment and make it unique and special. In this way, every piece is different from the other one! Washing and exposure to strong light irradiation may change the coloring.

Due to the special dyeing process a slightly fade out of garment color is unavoidable. Therefore wash the garment separately before first wearing and later wash together with similar colors. In individual cases, color abrasion may occur. Be careful in contact with light colored upholstery and while wearing light colored underwear, socks or sneakers.

The Jolly Roger logo depicts a crossed shepherd's staff and Neptune's trident. Set into the skull is the yin yang symbol using a sperm whale and a dolphin. The shepherd's crook signifies that we are shepherds of the sea and the trident signifies that we fight for life in the sea. The skull represents the enemy of the sea (i.e. mankind) and the yin and yang with the dolphin and the whales means we must learn from the whales and dolphins how to live in harmony with the sea. – Captain Paul Watson

2 Shirts
Slim fit. This item runs small
Short sleeve
Round neck
Printed logo on chest
Blue tee is 100% GOTS combed cotton, Green tee is 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Recycled Polyester
Manufactured by Brands Fashion GmbH