Women's Freshemp Jolly Roger Jacket | Black

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Freshemp x Sea Shepherd Women's Jacket

*Limited Edition While Supplies Last*

Made using only the highest quality hemp and organic materials this eco-conscious coat are also 100% vegan and made without pesticides or synthetic agricultural chemicals!

When you buy a Freshemp jacket you can be assured that they are designed to last in all conditions. They are water and wind resistant and incredibly warm due to the fake fur lining.


Feel good on the inside, while looking great on the outside!

The Freshemp™ Originals Ladies' Jacket is modern and cozy. It has fake fur in various pile heights throughout the jacket to provide you with a fashionable and comfortable design, while keeping your body and hands warm at all times. The front of the Freshemp™ Originals Ladies' Jacket is shorter than the back to allow maximum comfort and protection at the same time. Leaving your house in winter has never been so easy. The Freshemp™ Originals Ladies Hemp Jacket has got your back.


1) 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton twill outer shell

2) 20% hemp, 35% recycled plastic, 45% acrylic fake fur

3) PFC Free eco-friendly Hemp Cellulose Water Resistant Treatment

4) Sturdy # 10 YKK two-way zipper

5) Secret pocket

6) 2 document pockets

7) 7mm fake fur lined front hand warmer pockets

8) Arm pocket with two magnets

9) Loops in neck to hold your earplugs

10) Pocket lined with sunglasses cleaning fabric

How does my purchase help with marine conservation?

Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit organization, and our work is only possible because of generous donations and through the sale of our official merchandise.

Our eStore gives us the opportunity to raise vital funds for our marine conservation campaigns across the Americas. Every purchase you make helps us maintain our fleet of ships, equip our crew, and continue the fight for the ocean. Thank you for helping us protect marine wildlife worldwide!

What are your products made from?

We are committed to sustainability, with most of our products having a GOTS or Fairtrade certifications. For our clothing, we source 100% organic cotton for natural-fiber, plastic-free apparel. This also helps keep plastic out of the ocean as every laundry load of synthetic clothing releases millions of plastic microfibers into the ocean.

For our other items, we source recycled materials and screen all of our suppliers for a responsible supply chain, sustainable product, sustainable operations, and community involvement.

Sea Shepherd has high standards in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and eco-friendly sourcing.

Can you change your shipping costs?

Our goal is to reduce our global footprint, and so we encourage everyone to choose the Sea Shepherd merchandise store closest to you if possible. That’s why our shipping costs outside of the US are higher.

We carefully source our shipping providers to ensure their sustainability and we maintain regular checks to try and reduce costs where possible.

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