Classic Whale Logo Sunglasses by Vision1 - Blue

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Classic Whale Logo Sunglasses - Blue


Sustainable sunglasses - protect your eyes and the ocean! 


Show your support for Sea Shepherd when you’re in the sun with our sustainable sunglasses. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic and eco-friendly, bio-sourced lenses, these sunglasses will help protect your eyes without harming the planet!


This blue frame design comes with our original Whale logo design, which can be seen from the outside but not when you are wearing them - giving you brilliant clarity while making a bold statement that you support the fight for the ocean!


 Optimal optical clarity: Abbe value 48

 Excellent transparency and light transmission

 Low Haze

 Blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays

 High chemical and stress cracking resistance

 High fatigue resistance

 Recyclable thermoplastic material

 Guaranteed without BPA and phthalate

 Lightweight

 Hypoallergenic properties

 High thermal resistance

 Impact resistance: passes the 45 m/s test


These sunglasses are also a circular product and can be returned after use to be recycled. Simple email for a return label.


We ship all items in 2 business days.

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