Activism Earring Stud

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Sea Shepherd x Jasmine Alexander


This edgy stud is a conceptual piece, with its form driving home the ‘point’ of activism as a statement to the numerous ill-conceived notions many have of activists, as a statement that requests, that demands, the complacent and derisory to get cerebral… the brook becomes the stream, the stream becomes the river, the river the ocean, an ocean a force that convenes with the moon and carves paths through stone with unrelenting passion… but all is born from a single drop of rain.

The back of the stud plate has a perfect and individually engraved crest of the Sea Shepherd full logo, even the Sea Shepherd text and whale and dolphin on the skull crown is perfectly formed and can be seen in greater detail with a jewellers loop – As such the piece could also be worn back to front, giving a ‘two in one’ earring. 


'Activism...get the point' Earring Stud


  • Sold individually. Purchase two for a pair
  • Stainless Steel (surgical 316L)
  • Hand finished and individually engraved
  • Back sphere plate diameter: 5 mm
  • Front spike length: 16 mm
  • Non-refundable


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