Reduce Plastic Tote Bag | Canvas
Reduce Plastic Tote Bag | Canvas

Reduce Plastic Tote Bag | Canvas

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Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes then discarded, but they’re designed for a lifespan of up to 1,000 years! On top of that, many communities are unable to recycle them. They get tangled up in equipment and clog machines. One of the easiest ways to reduce plastic consumption is to switch to a reusable, organic cotton tote!

Screen printed with one of Paul Watson's most famous quotes "if the oceans die, we die" on the front and 5 was you can help the environment on the back.

Refuse - When you can choose to say NO to single-use plastic items which include Bags, Cutlery, Water bottles, and straws.

Reduce - Try and reduce the amount of single-use products in your daily life, this can be as simple as choosing to use your own bread bag when buying bread at the grocery store or bakery, using reusable fruit and vegetable bags or even changing your toothpaste to using reusable containers like our friends at Bite toothpaste bits.

Reuse - We all have items at home that we can reuse instead of just throwing away and putting into landfill. Ice cream tubs are great to store raw ingredients or even reusing jars for multiple different uses. If we all choose to reuse we WILL reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the world.

Repurpose - Why buy brand new when you can turn something you already own into something you can use again. An old fish bowl can now be a tiny garden, do you have an old tee that you want to throw out? why not turn it into a trendy one of a kind bag!

Recycle - Make sure that when we do need to throw out our rubbish that it goes in the right bin, plastics fill our landfills but the last place when want them to end up is the ocean. Make sure that you check what you can recycle and put it in the correct bin.


  • 15 in long (25 in with handle)
  • 16.5 in wide

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