Litter Picker Made From Recycled Marine Plastic

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The tools we use in the fight against ocean plastic pollution should not be contributing to the problem. That is why we are thrilled to bring you our Waterhaul x Sea Shepherd litter pickers, made from 100% recycled plastic from trawl fishing nets for the handle, trigger and jaw components. These sustainable litter pickers help you make a positive impact and safely recover trash from the environment, without adding to the growing problem of virgin plastic production. They have been carefully developed with circular concepts in minds; durable, rugged, repairable, and made from 100% recycled plastic from fishing nets and lines! Take direct action against plastic pollution and help us raise vital funds for our marine conservation campaigns with every purchase. Features:

  • The litter pickers are full length 32″ / 82 cm) and feature a magnetic tip for easy collection of bottle caps and small metal objects. 
  • The handles, triggers and jaws contain 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled fishing nets that were collected from end-of-life net amnesty schemes, beach cleans and dive-based ghost gear recoveries


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